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Petroglif / Petroglyph

Petroglif – jeden z pierwszych wzorów ideaPIX


In 2010, after having searched for a dream camera strap, I decided to start producing them myself. It turned out, that production of even such a simple thing, as camera strap, may be complicated. From the very beginning the main assumption was to use the highest quality materials in the production process.

The first straps were sold in May 2011, after a year of searching for the right materials, creating test products, making several costly mistakes. The first straps were obviously not as refined, as the ones created nowadays. I still have one of the first straps – it would still work, but I have upgraded few fabrics since the beginning.


Some elements (like the narrow webbing and plastic holders that attach the strap to the camera) are imported from the USA, as only there I found them the highest quality possible. The core of the strap is a 4cm wide (1.5inch) very sturdy nylon webbing (bearing capacity of few tons). The webbing is wrapped by a soft non-woven to make the strap comfortable to wear. All this is wrapped in a black heavy-duty cotton (100%) textile produced in Poland. On the outside there is a jacquard tape with a unique design created especially for ideaPIX camera straps. The fabric, that connects the wide part of the strap with the narrow webbing is real soft leather produced in Poland. And the sewing method is so complicated, it can be executed only by hand.

Dimensions of ideaPIX straps:
– the main part with design – length 68cm (27″), width 4cm (1,5″),
– narrow straps to attach to the camera – length 28cm (11″), szerokość 1cm (3/8″).

Bearing capacity – 10kg (22lbs) – although I was hanging much heavier stuff on it and was flying on a paraglide with the camera hanging on ideaPIX strap.

From the very beginning ideaPIX straps are produced by the same tailor on a heavy-duty manual sewing machine.

The production of the straps has been very expensive from the very beginning. Every saved penny went to creating a new design.


ideaPIX straps have been sewn by the same tailor in a beautiful polish province from the beginning.


Kurpie Folk – designed by Ms. Wiesława Bogdańska – who for decades has been creating folk art.


In the very beginning there were three patterns: bicycle, petroglyph and ornament. With time I designed some new. I asked ladies, whose life was about designing folk art, to design folk patterns for ideaPIX straps – this is how Kurpie and Łowicz were created. New-ethno and six were designed by young graphic artists. And Hanys – by renowned polish photographer.

From the very beginning I decided that the patterns would be woven, not printed. This severely increases the production cost and limits the range of patterns, as in order to produce one pattern, at least 200m of the jacquard tape has to be woven.

After four years there are 13 patterns. And soon there will be more…


Words I get from the clients, that have just got their ideaPIX straps, are a big part of the profit.

In four years I managed to sell about two thousand straps. In that time I got four returns. Or rather exchanges. Well, the straps are sewn by hand – mistakes are human thing.

A special benefit for me are the photos sent by ideaPIX users. Best photos are posted in the Gallery and the author gets ideaPIX strap as a gift.

Sometimes I get a photo, like the one on the side. This only confirms, that the quality, and never the quantity, will be the most important factor in production of ideaPIX camera straps.

Kurpiowski na Wojtku Grzędzińskim. fot. Donat Brykczyński

Wojtek Grzędziński – official photographer of the polish ex President Komorowski. Photo: Donat Brykczyński

To all my customers – I appreciate your conficence in ideaPIX straps,

Tomek Gola /